Equilibrium is a modern tool for Enterprise Architecture

  • Plan and drive IT transformation according to the business strategy

  • Have a rich overview of your IT landscape and execute informed decisions

  • Create an effectivetechnical roadmap , measured and based on standards

  • Stop wastage of IT resources and re-use them

  • Achieve sustainable IT landscape that will be able to face disruptions from ever changing business needs

  • Create a functional model of the enterprise that will lead you to meaningful insights

Equilibrium is designed to support enterprise architects in their effort to manage and optimize the IT and business architecture they are responsible for. Even though it is very lightweight, the tool has every basic function built in and ready to be used :


Equilibrium is a lightweight tool which is easy to setup and use. It does not require additional infrastructure to run on and it updates automatically.


EA is a collective effort and communicating insightful ideas with different type of stakeholders is of critical importance for achieving its goals. Equilibrium is a powerful tool for visualizing complex problems and helping IT and business professionals speak the same language.

Modeling EA

With Equilibrium you can draw models of your enterprise, describing the Business, Application and Technology points of view or combining them


Managing IT transformation and aligning the IT with the business is one of the main challenges of an enterprise architect. Equilibrium will help you understand what the current state of the architecture is. How we are planning to change it in a year or two? Where are we along the process?

Model repository:

Using an unified model repository to create complex model is the right way to go. The repostitory enables easy reuse of entities and trace their dependencies.

Analyzing the landscape:

Making quick and reliable decisions is an everyday task for every enterprise architect. Equilibrium can make automatically generated analysis and diagrams to help make better decisions and predict potential problems in a precise manner.


Equilibrium with other applications that you use can help you input real data in your EA model, making it more real and less abstract.


IT and business architecture is a convenient way to achieve maintainable corporation. Creating EA model with Equilibrium is a practical way to describe your enterprise.

Why Enterprise architecture?

To answer this important question Mr. Gerben Wierda has kindly allowed us to use his video

Why choosing Equilibrium as a starting point of your EA initiative is a wise decision to make?

Why choosing Equilibrium as a starting point of your EA initiative is a wise decision to make?



New in EA? Suddenly a lot of responsibilities must be handled and priorities must be chosen? Don’t know where to begin from? Don't worry, we will make sure that the first actions you take are relevant.


A large scale operation like EA requires a lot of stakeholders to cooperate. It’s important to be on the same page with all of them. Understanding EA and its goals and benefits by the whole team will secure a smooth collaboration and a better result.

Proof of concept

Need to convince yourself and your team members about EA and which tool to use? Leave it to us! Get in contact and we will make free proof of concept that is based on your specific challenges. To request a personal demo of Equilibrium fill in the form:


Tutoring & help

Need to understand how to execute things right, or lack of qualified employees is slowing your initiative? Get us on board to tutor your team or even to execute specific tasks for you.


No matter how broad the expertise of your team is, at some point the dynamics of the modern business and IT world always brings challenges outside of your zone of knowledge. Consulting with a reliable professional is the right thing to do.


Need a specific feature, or to automate use of data from another application?- Sure, let’s do it! We will make sure our tool fits your needs. Each enterprise architect has his own idea what an ideal tool should include as functionalities. We will make sure our tool is as close as possible to your ideal definition.


Equilibrium can greatly enhance your Consultancy or Training business

Consultancy partnership

Designing a complex IT architecturecomplex IT architecture for a customer is a challenging task. The ability to clearly visualize dependencies and to impressively underline the best qualities of the model that you created, even in front of a wider audience will gain the trust of the customers and will be a foundation of a long term customer relation. By partnering with AVSD you can become official provider of Equilibrium for your region and use it for your practice.

Training partnership

If you are organizing trainings for Enterprise architecture or business analysis you might consider to include practical exercises. The use of a professional tool like Equilibrium which is easy to use even for beginners will bring value for the trainees and the option to take the training projects back home or to work will be highly appreciated. By partnering with AVSD you can include Equilibrium in your portfolio and offer the product to your training customers as well.


Value added reselleling is a good opportunity in the IT industry. Combining two or more software products, or joining the effort of the customers for implementing IT system that is best fit for them is a good possibility for cross or up -sales. We are opened for that kind of cooperation, so if you have an idea how we could partner up, share it with us and together we can decide the best way to execute it.


Get in contact with us! Together, based on the needs of your enterprise, we will decide how to approach your challenges in the most effective way. Our goal is to achieve a long term relation with our customers. In order to do that, we shall offer very competitive solutions at the best prices based on the specific case.